Windows Users

Download the exe file and double click on it. The program takes about 30 seconds to start and runs for about two minutes.

Mac Users

Download the zip file and double click on the icon to unzip. Then start the terminal program, type  cd downloads, then type perl

Linux Users

Download the file and open the download folder that your web browser stores downloaded files in. You’ll want to unzip the file and run in a terminal window. A simple way to do this with your mouse is to right-click on any blank space in the file browser window, and click open in terminal. This will open a terminal window that is preset to the directory containing the zip file.

Inside the terminal window, type unzip to unzip the file. Next, type perl

All Users

The program will prompt you for your and your partner’s email address, then will run in the terminal window for approximately 90 seconds. Once the test completes you’ll be able to view your results by entering your email address on the view results page of