Get Started

Performing a latency test between any two locations is easy! All you need are two computers with a human attached to each.

Right now, the software is only available for Windows users,  with Mac and Linux versions currently undergoing testing.  To get notified of updates including when these other versions are ready, simply sign up for our mailing list in the form to the right.

To start:  Both users in a test session should download the .exe file to any location in their computer. After downloading, just double click on the icon, and it will ask for an email address first for yourself and then for your partner.  This is necessary because the system needs to be able to detect specific information about your computer’s firewall and router configuration, and it stores this information with your email address.

PLEASE NOTE that unless you have signed up for our mailing list, we do not use your email address for any marketing, nor do we share it with any other entity.  The only reason we ask for an email address is to ensure a unique user ID for all users.  If you wish, you can enter a fake email address, but be aware that anyone else using that same fake email address can end up with your results mixed into theirs, and vice versa.

Once each side has entered their email address, the system knows to start the testing.  First it checks latency using UDP packets in one direction and then the other, and it also counts lost packets.  Then it spends another 60 seconds testing the bandwidth in both directions (30 seconds in each direction) using UDP Packets.  The reason for using UDP is that it is more commonly used for services such as Skype or other streaming services that need the fastest connection speed and lower latency.

After this test, the results are ready to view.  Simply visit this website and click on ‘view results’, and you’ll be able to see the latency (one way — not round trip, as with the normal Ping command that people are used to), and the bandwidth, plus the detected speed in each direction.  If you have done multiple tests, just scroll down to the bottom of the window to see the latest test.

Your test results are always ready to be seen in the future by simply clicking the view results link and entering your email address.